Legend has it that British monk, St. Boniface, first introduced “Christmas Trees” to Germany in the 7th century. In America, Christmas Trees were seen as early as 1747. Today, millions of people from many nations participate in this centuries-old tradition!


Living Christmas Tree | Norway Spruce | Packaged Live Tree


The Norway Spruce is one of North America and Europe’s most popular and widely-cultivated trees. Stately and tough, it is fast-growing and long-living, with gorgeous deep green needles and a spirelike form.

Living Christmas Tree | Blue Spruce | Packaged Live Tree


The Blue Spruce is one of North America’s most popular and widely-cultivated trees, prized the world over for its blue color and ideal form.


Living Christmas Tree | Giant Sequoia | Packaged Live Tree


In 1956, Congress proclaimed an ancient, 275 foot-tall Giant Sequoia standing in King’s Canyon National Park to be a National Shrine — the official, living Christmas Tree of the USA. Fact is, Sequoias much smaller than the “General Grant” make ideal Christmas Trees too! And with their perfectly conical shape and graceful, airy foliage, Giant Sequoias are prized also for ornamental planting. A very hardy tree that can grow in many climates, Giant Sequoias become ever more impressive with age.


Living Christmas Tree | Balsam Fir | Packaged Live Tree


Valued for its spicy fragrance, fine form, and wonderful blue-green color, the Balsam Fir is a prized Christmas Trees species.


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Living Christmas Tree Seedlings

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